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Wall decor accent handmade in premium wood. 

Finish :  brown-black-white hand painted.  


Diameter :  24" Inch,  i.e  2 feet.

Thickness :  1.5 cm, Brand : ARTASHI.


This wall art is made in premium wood in a round shape of diameter two feet. First, we carve the design in hard wood by use of small hand tools, After that it is hand painted in multi colors in brownish gold, black and white.


It adds sparkle to your  walls. Our artisans are masters of crafting wooden wall hangings and wooden carved master pieces for wall.It is an example of  true craftsmen ship of our artisans.


No worries for maintenance. Just hang it on your wall and forget it. In case if some dirt is deposited on it, just wipe wit and rub it with a dry cotton cloth. It will shine again like a new decorative object. 

Wall decor accent

SKU : AMM813
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