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Wooden wall art.

Hand crafted, hand painted in antique gold finish.   


Size :  24" x 24" Inch  ( 2 feet x 2 feet ).

Thickness :  1.5 cm, Brand : ARTASHI.


This wall art is made in premium wood in a round shape of diameter two feet. First, we carve the design in hard wood by use of small hand tools, After that it is hand painted in antique gold finish. This wooden wall art piece may be customized in all sizes and finish. 


Most authentic wall art piece. Made in well seasoned premium mango wood. Comes with high quality of Brand ARTASHI, known for most authentic handmade products with ever lasting quality. 


Very easy to clean. Just wipe with a dry cotton cloth and it will shine as a brand new product. You can use it year after year and it gives you best value for your money. 

Wooden wall art

SKU : AMM815
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